Welcome to the Solar Caravan

The Solar Caravan – an ancient idea cast in a new light.

In ancient times, Salt was carried from the Sahara and Silk from the East uniting cultures throughout the world by spreading previously unimaginable ideas and materials and ultimately laying the first foundation for our current Globally intertwined civilization.
In 2018 a new kind of Caravan will embark on an endless journey to make Solar Cookers and Lighting Technologies accessible to communities across Africa. The Solar Caravan is driven by the desire to see Africa become the Continent of Light, putting the birth place of humanity onto an ecologically sustainable path the rest of the world can emulate
The Caravan will combine best practises of Business, NGO and Crowd Funding platforms to solve a host of seemingly insurmountable challenges. People always say its impossible until its done.
We intend using a multi-skilled approach to address the challenges facing our planet today by inviting people from all over the world to join us and tackle threats of climate change, poverty and species extinction together.
Using a reality TV format the Caravan will give you/vers a unique window into the real challenges facing people, in their own words, in real time. We will then attempt to use crowd funding and other appropriate mechanisms to sustainably solve issues in as close to real time as possible.
The Caravan can provide a focal point for individuals, organisations, companies and Governments to combine efforts to meaningfully resolve issues the Caravan uncovers. Its a gamble, a crazy experiment and it needs you and everyone you know – in order to thrive.
2018 is our year of discovery, we are going to actively search for communities ready to engage with our existing eco-swat team. Initial project sites will be visited each year with more sites added as we expand outwards with each tour. The Caravan will stay inside South Africa for the first year to avoid the hassle of moving goods and ourselves across borders, but we already have strong links into all of our neighbouring Countries so its only a matter of time that a Solar Caravan could be created to service each Country.
Viewers with appropriate Skills that are happy to share, can become part of a virtual advisory board. Viewers with complimentary skills that are willing and able to physically join us and work on specific community identified needs can come out and join the Caravan wherever we are.
In the long term the Caravan will create a map of communities where a trusting relationship is in place and long term volunteers will be welcome to home stay for longer periods of time. Its an endless Caravan with a mission we know we cannot conclude in our lifetime.
This is the Dream
How can you take part…???

A Reality TV format seems the most practical means of creating a platform for a Global audience to follow the daily, weekly and monthly progress of the Caravanese, giving viewers a unique Window into the challenges and opportunities facing Communities – in their own words.