Solar Cookers For Africa

Welcome to the World of Solar Cooking

Welcome to Solar Cookers for Africa,  SunFire Solutions non commercial arm.

Solar Cookers for Africa’s main project  commences in the second half of 2017 and is an endless project under the banner of “the solar caravan” dedicated to addressing the ails of our beautiful County and its wonderfully diverse people

As a first step the Solar caravan aims to increase access to solar cooker and complementary technology throughout South Africa by creating a network of eco Preneurs offering solar technology into their own communities,  in their own languages and own terms.

Like Caravans of old the solar caravan will not just pass on products but also carry valuable information and know how.

In time we will broaden the Reach of the solar caravan to include other aspects of sustainability such as food security, health, education and other issues the caravan has the skills and capacity to address.

The caravans lifeblood is crowd funding,  we intend using YouTube to open up a small window into current day life in South Africa and hope people will step forward to assist us with time,  skills and funds where necessary.

Funds and knowledge will be channeled directly to focused projects where they are most needed.

Its a big goal but as with every journey,  starts with a single step.

If you believe you have skills or insight to contribute please don’t hesitate to make contact with us,  as we start out planning phase,  all are welcome.

What can you do now..???

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The Solar caravan will start rolling in 2017 visiting a solid network of communities built up over the past 15 years of specialisation in solar Cooking

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